Part of the little details of dev-ops is getting an UML diagram generated for your Flutter project. UML diagrams aid developers in understanding how OOP-wise your code fits together.

It’s also a nice sign of developer professionalism if your flutter project has a set of UML diagrams. Let me show you the easy way to get some UML diagrams generated for your flutter project.

The UML Plugin

George Lesica created the dcdg plugin to generate UML diagrams for dart and flutter projects.


George Lesica has produced not only the dcdg dart plugin but some other dart stuff as…

Why organize your tests? Well, how do you get correct feedback on tests if it’s disorganized?

Part of my job in authoring at least two flutter app development books this year is to make sure every developer learning flutter can complete two missions:

1.Learning Flutter Fast

2.Be Able To Push out a medium size app in three month code sprints.

Thus, I am going through all the flutter docs and dart docs and analyzing where things-fall-apart as far as enabling you as the developer to succeed on these two above missions.

This time around I will show you some real…

There is a proliferation of logging plugins and almost the same amount of alleged expert ways to implement logging in Flutter Application projects. This is my expert way to log in Flutter application projects based on the application development process and in-depth knowledge of how dart and flutter work.

NOTE: As always, these sample flutter app demos are collated at my flutterdeepdive GitHub repo:

And at some point by flutter developer book app code will also be collated there as well.


Why do we need to log? It’s not because writing log statements is fun, obviously! …

get a faster laptop without very much money.

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Starting out in developing Flutter apps you will not have an expensive laptop. This is an easy way to without spending major cash to get at least 25% faster in flutter app development by speeding up your heap laptop.

Trim Installed Fonts

You do not need 500 to 1000 fonts on your laptop or desktop OS installed as that results in slow loading of apps, printing, etc as those fonts are re-loaded each time.

Browser Tuning

The major source of memory use no matter which browser you are using is the extra memory process it takes when…


an easier way to learn flutter!

Some famous book author stated that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert. That’s approximately 10 years. Do you have ten years to become an expert in flutter given that the hiring manager expects to get a flutter expert with the job ad and the interviews they give? No? There is an easier way to learn and use deliberate practice to learn flutter in 1000 hours rather than take 10,000 hours at ten years.


Back when Kathy Sierra started her Head-First Series at OReilly most firms were still doing some…

some secret power tips to catching application exceptions!

There are two buckets you have to get feedback to help improve app code. The first one used is obviously logging. The second bucket is when that rare application exception occurs.

I am going to show you some secret developer power moves to not only collect app exceptions but also introduce you to pairing awaits to Futures for asynchronous code behaviors. As always, the flutter project setup is based upon my flutter_setup project git repo and is detailed in my article Flutter Perfect SetUp published in CodeX( …


an opinionated way to log in to flutter apps without exposing app-user treasures!

Anybody can tell you how to cal a Logging API. Let’s do something a little different where I show you why you will call the logging API the way I say to as it pertains to keeping the app user secrets secret.

As always I am basing this on the beta flutter SDK channel and in this case using brand new Flutter 2.0. You can find the flutter project setup I use in the flutter-setup git repo at:

And you find the article about that setup at the end of the article.


In the front-end world app security as…


an opinionated way to set-up an IDE for Flutter app development to get more power!

No matter you want to use the Android Studio IDE or the Microsoft Visual Studio Code IDE for Flutter App Development it’s not easy to learn a whole new IDE on top of both the dart computer language and the flutter front-end framework. Would it not be nice if you could download this magical git repo that would have things organized so that you could import a settings file or two and have the IDE already maximized in the editor settings to get fast on flutter app development right away?

You are in luck as since I want to make…

30 days of writing lessons.

Photo by Hannah Grace on Unsplash

This obviously raw as that way I can be somewhat honest as the first 30 days of full writing on Medium is not going to be break-out for anyone. But, there are signs that I am figuring out what my audience wants and that I am gaining an audience. These are the results and lessons learned from the last 30 days of writing.


What are the results thus far?

16 Articles 5 Picked Up By Medium Publications 3 Picked Up By A 3rd party Flutter Developer Publication 6 Curated to Medium Frontpage by Medium Staff…


A better way to install androidSDK for more power!

The problem with how the Android Studio IDE installs the android SDKs and its tools are that if you are using VSCode you have to use the terminal as the extensions to use the android emulator do not pull the right emulator skins when starting the emulator. Plus, there are tools you should be using from the command-line that the graphical android studio just does not put on your path.

I am going to show an alternative way to install the Android SDK and its tools via the command line and along the way how to use all its tools…

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