Flutter Stuff From Substack This Week

Fred Grott
1 min readNov 16, 2023

Sort of the weekly reminder that I moved my Flutter posts to substack.

How To Implement Flutter Staggered Animation

Material Design 3 introduced the skeleton staggered animation loading pattern for several containers, including ListViews. While it is nice that the Flutter Community has stepped in to fill the holes; those plugins offer free lessons in how to approach specific app design problems. Thus, it makes sense to show you how the skeleton staggered animation was implemented for containers including Listview.


New In Flutter 3 Sliver Axis Groups

Before Flutter 3, we did not have a good way to group dissimilar slivers into a group. New in Flutter 3 is sliver axis groups to allow us to group dissimilar slivers together. Let me show you how to use these new sliver widgets.


Why The Flutter SDK Sucks

Due to Google building 4 front-end frameworks, the Flutter SDK engineering team is always extremely resource constrained. While I rant on the short-comings of the Flutter SDK; I also detail the Flutter Community solutions that we the Flutter SDK users have created to fill the holes in the Flutter SDK.