Why Social Media Forums Are Harmful For Designers And Developers

Fred Grott
6 min readJun 21, 2022

Look, yes, social media forums can be useful for designers and developers. But, have you actually considered why and what you are shortcutting in relying upon those designer and developer forums in the first place?

And to be blunt honest, the ones curating social designer and developer forums are the ones that have the least knowledge of the legacy of both design and development. And in BOTH DESIGN AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, it takes the knowledge awareness of both design and software development legacies to be able to design and software develop the future user interface. Will that work if you are relying upon those not in the know to tell you what you should focus on?

How About A Better Way?

A Better Way To Learn Design and Flutter Software Development

Look, in a past life I managed to do an A- in calculus by sleeping in class simply because I knew how to get to inserting the meta-picture of calculus into my head. And that involved re-vamping using geometrical analysis to study each technique in calculus. I only found out later that the founder of Chaos theory himself used the same techniques to become a Mathematics scholar.

The underlying assumption that you have with using the social media designer and developer forums to shortcut learning is that whatever front-end framework design and software building you mastered before is a completed and solid foundation. Well, no, if you mastered it on your own it probably is not.

Let me show you by walking through some Design and Development legacies.

Design Legacies

Do we know what came before Material Design? Okay, the reason we have Material Design has to do with some new neurobiology research that shows that every decision, 99 percent, is processed through the optical cortex. And, the idea that although it may be proven at some point that our geo-sensing brain mechanisms were re-purposed for memory formation; 3d forms of user interfaces do not add any additional knowledge to a symbol.

And, it was now just Google that evolved to beyond resorting to 3d-imaging a user-interface as Microsoft came up with their own…

Fred Grott