Why Flutter UI Kits Should Be The Mini Dev Book

Fred Grott
4 min readMay 19, 2022

This kind of where sales and marketing research converges with sales funnels. It can be highlighted in one question, what is the social proof for selling a flutter app development book. After a period of Medium article writing and experimentation, I think now have a good handle on the answers.

Why Flutter UI Kits Matter

Well, let’s look at the recent Flutter Book Authors:

This is right from the Flutter SDK docs community website

Rap Payne

Marco L Napoli

Vincenzo Guzzi

Alberto Miola

Julien Trillard

Thomas bailey

Alessandro Biessek

Eric Windmill


Ed Freitas

Prajyot Mainkar

Slvatore Girodano

Mark Clow

Frank Zammetti

Priyanka Tyagi

Carmine Zacccagnino

None of those authors has had their Flutter Dev book become popular. I think that has to do with the maturity of app markets.

Mature App Markets Selling Levers

We are in a mature app markets situation, and what always works in those mature app markets is the stunning visual design and implementation of the UX of the app. That means it’s also what will make a popular Flutter App development book. And I can even visually state it as an A and B test:

Which works better, this article image:

Or this video:

Fred Grott