What Not To Do In A Flutter Dev Folio Website

Fred Grott
6 min readApr 1, 2022

So why am I spending two months design a flutter dev folio website? Let me show you an UX research report that just came out on emerging UX trends by Nielsen Norman Group, titled, Support Recall Instead of Recognition In UI Design:

The main takeaways are:

-Switch from Recognition to Recall

-Both Websites and Applications need discovery audience aids.

While Material Design 3, which was started as a developing iteration of Material Design 2 4 years ago, has somewhat missed the trend of switching from recognition to recall in UI design. So I have to do some refining of some specific Material Design 3 concepts and implementations. And some Material Design 3 stuff as implemented I have to throw out completely and mark as never ever use this as it represents bad UX implementation.

What Part Of Material Design 3 To Discard

So what from Material Design 3 implementations do I have to throw out? This pertains to the first-time visitor cognitive load concerning recall. I want to train that first time visitor to my dev folio to recall what my navigation icons mean. The easiest, fool-proof way to do that is to include text with the icon in the menu items.

That, obviously, conflicts with the nav rail concept on tablets. And to be blunt, I would be better served with still implementing the hamburger open modal drawer in tablet screens rather than nav-rail assuming I still re-use my mobile drawer concept of menu item indicators, indicating location in the site and of course the added brand elements to that opened drawer.

The other issue is that the Material Design icons were designed under the Material Design 2 methodology of recognition. I need to design my own folio site icon set to encourage recall rather than recognition.

The Website Service Design Type

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