What Google Could Learn About Flutter UX Talking To ADHD’ers

Fred Grott
6 min readSep 17, 2022

Okay, so I found a freaking use for my ADHD! Teach you how to view UX through ADHD coping strategy eyes! And, yes, I can in fact defend the use of Material Design in Flutter in Apple iOS Apps from a UX basis based on my own

Okay, a walk down memory lane. WOZ, was a procrastinator and his creative output was a hit or miss. Anybody knows why? He somewhat is suspected of having ADHD. Ever wonder why Jobs had this obsession with decluttering? Decluttering is one of the coping mechanisms of ADHD. That’s right, the accident of fate of the team forming of WOZ and Jobs was an ADHD infused creative team.

All around us, are example of UX insights. It just so happens my UX insights derive from how I cope with ADHD.

Okay, so how is ADHD like using an electronic device like a smartphone of either iPhone or an Android phone? In the ADH world, which I live daily, we use decluttering and visual cueing to re-organize or cat-corral our brain-executive-function to assist in getting back on track in being focused. For normal humans, the blue light of smartphones and other electronic devices forces your attention towards visual; and thus you get distracted by all visuals happening in the smartphone. That means the cognitive challenges you face on smartphones daily is the same set of cognitive challenges I face daily in my ADHD.

According to medical research such as this, Reading on a smartphone affects sigh generation, brain activity, and comprehension:

One can measure the reduction in available working memory via measuring prefrontal brain activity and the rate of sighing. Prefrontal is the brain part where human brains do the final vision…

Fred Grott