What ADHD Designers Are Hiding From You About Super Focus

Fred Grott
5 min readNov 6


Yes, we are hiding focus secrets from you!

Want to get super focused? ADHD’ers have a super focus power. Let me teach you, a mere mortal, how to super focus.

This is from a painful process of getting ADHD under control without using Ritalin or Adderall. Not the journey for everyone, but the startup founders who have ADHD are not taking Ritalin or Adderall, and so I did the hard work to find out why.

The Pain Part

Imagine going several decades of not succeeding and not know that you have ADHD:

-flunking out of concurrently attempting a BS and MS in molecular biology at Purdue University (a slight hint at my super focus part of ADHD)

-several start business false starts

-acing a pre-engineering PSAT test in jr high school despite not studying

-earning A’s in calculus by sleeping in class during summer sessions

-earning A in ecology lab by flunking every test except the final project

-And yes mixed in there somewhere is the 48 to 64 hours bouts of playing internet MUDs

Which StartUp Founders Have ADHD?

These famous startup founders have ADHD:

-Richard Branson

-Charles Schwab

-Ingvar Kamprad

-Bill Gates

-Walt Disney

All these ADHD people have one other thing in common besides success. They never have taken Adderall or Ritalin.

So what are they doing instead? The first part is understanding dopamine and adenosine. First, let me explain the biology of why light stimulant coping works not only for ADHD people, but you as well!

Cortisol And Circadian Rhythm

Cortisol is not just a stress hormone, it also impacts neurotransmitters in that the whole reason we wake up is that cortisol in high levels trigger our body to make dopamine. And several things along with cortisol such as melatonin and the by -product of using ATP as an energy source, adenosine, all play a role in maintaining