Top Mistake Tech Writers Make On Medium

Fred Grott
3 min readMay 4, 2022

Medium is not a free-platform, as it’s behind a paywall. That means you have to use some marketing tricks to step people through that paywall step beyond what the Medium platform provides. Do no do what Code Magic does, not that they do bad stuff; it’s just their marketing effort on Medium happens to suck.

Let me show you what is doubling my follower counts and getting me reads on Medium, i.e. my tech writing funnel.

It Starts With Free

Because the Medium platform uses a paywall, that free friend link is not enough of a free thing to step that potential Medium subscriber through the next funnel step. That means we have to as tech writers provide some previous funnel steps to step our audience through.

So now let us ask, What is the greatest marketing tool that was here way before social platforms?

The answer is search engines, but there is a new twist; i.e. the subject search engine. What is a subject search engine?

A subject search engine is a platform that happens to have a portion of your target audience that you can do a subject search to find new content. For tech writers it happens to be, by large numbers, GitHub.

Now, we have to ask what is the end-goal-of-our-funnel. In my case, it’s not subscribing to Medium, although that is an intermediate goal I have for my audience members. In my case, it’s the end goal of some audience members buying my Flutter Development books. So let’s break this apart into two things:

1. One or More Free UI-Kits

2. Free subject chapters in code.

The first one has to do with social proof. Social proof for a front-end flutter developer is the high-quality, well-designed free UI-kit. The second part is the free code representing work-progress-book-chapters. By putting both in GitHub, I not only get access to associate as many tags with it as I want, but I also get a Google and MS-Bing multiplier effect since both search engines index GitHub repos.

And, the twist on the free subject chapters in code is that since I have to re-write chapters until they are perfect and flow; I can use Medium to rewrite portion of chapters as articles and post the friend-links to…