On The Road To Flutter 4 And Material Design 3

Fred Grott
7 min readMar 15, 2023

Note: I have moved my flutter app design writing to my substack which is free to join at:

I was wrong about Flutter 4 being released for FlutterForward however I am probably not wrong about Material Design 3 being production ready for Flutter 4 when it comes out which seems to be later in 2023. Let me detail what is upcoming via the PRs that seem to be in process.

Explanation of Terms

Issues are the bug reports in the Flutter project, which are usually listed here:


PRs are pull requests and happen after someone has created code to resolve a bug report, and it’s a request for the Flutter SDK team member to review said pull request. The general process is that you create code to resolve the bug and run the suite of tests for the project and implement new tests to verify that the bug has been resolved.

Stable Release Usually what happens as a stable release is a set of PRs is prioritized and included in said stable release.