How To Write Flutter Adaptive Scaffold Breakpoints Like Were A GDE

Fred Grott
2 min readNov 26, 2023

Flutter Adaptive Scaffold UX pattern is not in the Flutter SDK, this is the first step in that UX pattern in the form of breakpoints like you were a Flutter GDE.

Look, I have to shame Flutter GDE’s as they are not writing the stuff that you need in creating that awesome flutter app. And here is the thing, I can go through the top two presenters at Google IOs the last five years and find their IO demo apps and there in fact is right in their code an attempt at implementing an adaptive scaffold UX pattern.

And in fact, the adaptive scaffold UX pattern has been in the Material Design specification in two versions, both Material Design 2 and Material Design 3. What has changed is that the Material Design team at Google has finally realized that there is no good layout UX pattern to handle two types of large content form-devices of both laptops and desktops and foldables. And we still have the Flutter SDK insisting that some magical package will correctly implement this adaptive scaffold material design UX pattern.

The dirty little flutter SDK secret is that you, the app designer, will always have to implement your own use case of that adaptive scaffold UX pattern yourself. And the other dirty little secret is that no Flutter GDE is covering such Flutter and Material Design subject…