How To Get 13k Medium Views

Fred Grott
3 min readJul 4, 2021

Want to climb to 13k Views On Medium? Let me tell you how.

The Social Proof

The proof:

Overall Month Hit Count:

And the one hit article in June:

That was my June month views in 2021. Each time I get a minor or major article hit on Medium, my visit count for the week doubles. Thus, it’s worth your time to find out how I am using a process to get at least one hit article a month on Medium.

The Hit Article Writing Process

My hit article writing process is somewhat experimenting all the time along with understanding my sub-groups in my audience. My audience breakdown:

  • beginners
  • intermediate
  • advanced

Each of those groups wants some things step-by-step at their level and a mix of stuff at a level above and a small percentage of step-by-step from below their level. That mix of articles combined with free stuff in each article will convince them by social proof to start following you and become a full paid Medium member.

Logistics of Small

You probably do not see this, but every good writing does behind-the-scenes work to build up a base of stuff to write about. And that takes time. The raw stuff I have built up for months is at:

And it is in an organized, formal way in preparation for my first flutter dev book at:

So now I can get up to a 15 to 25 articles per month output. Now, let me explain a the-each-article-is-an-experiment concept. You will always do several hours per day outputting stuff for 2 months from now as the way to have things to create articles about.