How To Design A Dart Tutorial Kit

Fred Grott
4 min readMay 18, 2022

How should a Dart Tutorial Kit be designed? What approaches do I need to use so that increasing your Dart skills through a Dart Tutorial kit then increases the power of your visually designed flutter App?

It might seem like I am abusing the word design, I assure that my view of design is from two levels and yours needs to be for effective Flutter app design.

The Many Levels of Design

While some think design only belongs to the visual, let me ask you a question:

If one subtracts the visual, do we still have some aspect of design? We already have something that applies; in that if one attempts to animate UI elements in Flutter via one controller, you will soon find that you cannot animate multiple UI elements in a choreographed manner using that strategy.

There are also times if you implement state or dependency injection in a wrong manner, it could impact the visual way one could implement a visual design in the amount of design items we can add to a screen.

And, unlike someone who is writing a Dart Server, my goals in writing Dart tutorial kits is to raise up Flutter Developer Dart computer language skills so that they can implement that Flutter App design in their head.

Tutorial Kit Structure

All those things scream out for a specific structure:

1. Curate related subjects together. For example, the devops part of UML and Dart Code Metrics belongs together along with the exploration of OP patterns of Singleton, Template method, etc.

2. Obviously some code examples and just as important some actual exercises to work through.

3. Tight control of the underlying dart language choices and features. Because I use a more opinionated lint rule setup, I can rigorously guarantee that code will always work, no matter the Dart version used.

4. Use a version number in the Kit itself to denote which Dart version it’s tied to.

5. Use a simple documentation format, as I want these kits to be bite-size in covering sections of development books I am writing.

Fred Grott