Flutter Docs Missing DevOPS

Fred Grott
4 min readNov 6


Google GDE’s are not telling you this but their team builds flutter apps on fast non Apple hardware but then the final release builds including integration testing is on real hardware using CI. That requires that your devOPS is set up a specific way re-using specific Google techniques that the Flutter Community has expanded.

Unfortunately, its not in the Flutter Docs. This is a starting list of free articles on Flutter DevOPS:

Flutter Localization Without Writing It Twice

The Flutter Docs directs you to use the Flutter
SDK tool gen l10n to write both the messages
by hand and the AppLocaalizations class by hand.
In large apps this can be a huge class of pain.
Let me show you a way in which that class is auto
generated along with the message classes all right
from your ARB files!

Material Design Holes In Flutter SDK And The Fix

Google is building four front-ends and so Material Design
is always implemented last in the Flutter SDK.There are a set
of strategies you can use when the useMaterialVersion flag shows
up to use the new Material Design features despite the Material
Design holes in the Flutter SDK. These techniques are from my own tool box.

A Design And DevOPS Way Of Generating Flutter Launch Icons

DevOPS is one of the areas not detailed in the Flutter SDK docs.
Being able to auto-generate the app launcher icons from the
app icon artwork is…