Design The Data Class Model Instead Of Coding It

Fred Grott
2 min readNov 19, 2023

Re-align that data class model for the UX driven flutter mobile app design process.

Look, I personally have coded in Java MIDP, Apache Cordova, Android native Java-Kotlin and now Dart and Flutter on mobile. But, mobile apps as an industry has changed to a mature industry where the science and the process of UX scores that UI win in a mobile app that gets paid money through app users or investors.

From personal experience, I know the right UI from the way I ADHD react to it. And no, not one Microsoft Windows-UI has ever produced that reaction in me, despite being on MS-windows desktops for decades. That has to do with Microsoft never using a full-blown UX process in developing their UIs.

The UX process is where we determine what the entry points for the UI should be by somewhat using every UX tool, including asking users how they approach the group of tasks as activity that we hope to make into a mobile app. In large terms, we are setting up the app bare-bones infrastructure to allow myself and you to incrementally build the user interface of the app one iteration at a time.

Both Donald Norman (At Apple 1993) and Jakob Nielsen (Usability Engineering 1993) through their Nielsen Norman Group are good at outlining all the tasks in the incremental UX design process. But, now you need to…