Avoiding Apple Tax With AMD, My Flutter Studio

Fred Grott
5 min readOct 29


Apple is a trillion-dollar company as it controls its ecosystem in such a way to make all its devices disposable after 4 years through such practices as locking the ability to repair, etc.

You can do either contribute to Apple’s profit line or contribute your successful flutter studio’s future, but not both. Let me show you the AMD chipsets that have AI and power to compete with Apple’s M2 chipsets.

Flutter Way Of Avoiding On Device Instrumented Testing

Part of this is realizing how Google avoids doing a lot of builds on target platform devices. They accomplish that by:

-Non-instrumented testing including goldens

-ThemeData platform simulation combined with Widget adaptive platform constructors

-New storyboard testing API that is shared between storyboarding and non-instrumented widget testing

And of course we could do Goldens testing due to the underlying trend of the native mobile emulators and other platforms being able to run as headless either through the emulator or the flutter framework itself.

This is why I am building a Flutter DevOPS series; as is the devOPS I am covering to succeed at not paying the Apple tax in setting up a flutter studio.

CodeMagic 500 Minutes Per Month Free Tier

But, what happens when we do need to do a build on the real device? That is where the 500 minutes per month CodeMagic individual plan comes in:

The whole reason the founders of CodeMagic set up a free individual tier is that they understand the process of developing that first app to bootstrap towards success.

The CPU architecture Apple spearheaded is called multicore CPU microarchitecture. Are you aware that there are non-Apple solutions to compete with the M2 series?

Multicore CPU Microarchitecture