Part of the little details of dev-ops is getting an UML diagram generated for your Flutter project. UML diagrams aid developers in understanding how OOP-wise your code fits together.

It’s also a nice sign of developer professionalism if your flutter project has a set of UML diagrams. Let me show you the easy way to get some UML diagrams generated for your flutter project.

The UML Plugin


George Lesica has produced not only the dcdg dart plugin but some other dart stuff as…

Why organize your tests? Well, how do you get correct feedback on tests if it’s disorganized?

Part of my job in authoring at least two flutter app development books this year is to make sure every developer learning flutter can complete two missions:

1.Learning Flutter Fast

2.Be Able To Push out a medium size app in three month code sprints.

Thus, I am going through all the flutter docs and dart docs and analyzing where things-fall-apart as far as enabling you as the developer to succeed on these two above missions.

This time around I will show you some real…

This is an opinionated way to set up a Flutter project structure based on service-oriented onion layered OOP app architecture. Over time this will be a collection of about 15 articles on Flutter project set up.


States Rebuilder is a nice and small widget-based-DI state solution that is easy to use for starting to learn flutter and is powerful enough for medium-sized Flutter apps. In this article, I will show you the basics in how to use states rebuilder to manage state in your flutter app.

What Is States ReBuilder

And it’s simply adding the dependency in your pubspec:

dependencies:states_rebuilder: ^4.3.0

here are sorts of variations of how to start implementing the models when using Widget-based-DIs. …

Let me show you why having MyApp as a stateful widget is an antipattern.


A part of that concern is how big the tree is in the Stateful Widget. Since we usually set up the appbar, scaffold, etc. in MyApp it tends to be one of the biggest Widget Trees in a Stateful Widget. …

Want an easy and radically easy way to learn reactive in flutter? I am going to use my knowledge of how the Flutter Framework evolved to show you an easy way to learn reactive in flutter.

Core Of Reactive

1. Immutables

2. A complex and powerful listenable

Now, there is an indirect requirement for dependency injection. But, let’s leave that alone for now.

Reactive gets introduced to each front-end framework this same way. First, an independent group comes up with a reactive extension to the underlying language of the framework. In Flutter’s case, it’s the…

This is your first pattern of getting rid of the Stateful Widgets using Inherited Model and Listenables. Just like previous articles, I am showing a full app boilerplate setup. So let m e show you how things are set up.

My Project SetUp

My pubspec is:

And since I am using a specific lint package, dart code metrics, and localizations my analysis options YAML file has to be set up like this:

Then the main file to have catcher, build variants, and app exceptions set up is:

And to have…

Guess what the secret to understanding state in Flutter is? The state solutions came about in different groups working through what the widgets do and using OOP patterns to solve specific problems of state.

Google does not point this out, but if we just work through all the variants of using inherited widget; then we can gain insight into how each DI-and-state solution works.

Beginning State In Flutter

First up, let’s review some terms in viewing the standard Flutter Counter App:

Our first set of terms…

first steps towards building a flutter state solution

The best way to learn Flutter is to teach you how to build your first state solution and get building custom widgets and several UI-polished apps. It will be a little week series of articles, so you should find a way to get the rest of the articles.

If you are already a member of Medium, then you can get notifications of articles by following me on Medium.

Boilerplate Setup

As the Vulkan API versions increase, some graphics chips are no longer supported; which means to run the android emulators you need an additional trick if you are on older hardware. Let me describe what chips are supported and the trick to get the android emulator to run if you do not have some Vulkan-supported hardware.

Vulkan Background

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