3000 Dollars Can Get M2 Ultra Performance In Flutter Laptop

Fred Grott
3 min readOct 30


That is the more polite set of words telling you that Apple is lying to you to get you to over pay for a laptop as the M2 Ultra Apple MacBook Pro is almost 6000 dollars.

Let me use my geek electronic knowledge to get you a M2 Ultra laptop at 3000 dollars instead of 6000 dollars.

GPU Cores First

First up, where is the M2 Ultra fast 800 GB memory bandwidth used in? We already got that clue as Apple has integrated graphics and memory on the SoC which means that fast 800 GB memory bandwidth is used in video editing.

In non-Apple laptops where does that high memory bandwidth come in at? Same answer the GPU card. So what card is above 800 GB in memory bandwidth?

The NBIDIA RTX 4090 has 1000 GB memory bandwidth due to its 24 GB GDDR6 memory. Thus we have half the battle won by just choosing the correct GPU card. See:


Now, let’s see about the CPU cores themselves.

CPU Cores Second

So which CPU’s beat M2 Ultra that are not as expensive as a workstation CPU? An Intel i9 13980HX beats Apple’s M2 Ultra by 5 percent both on single and multicore benchmarks. See:


And within that Intel series, we can go down to an Intel i9 13900 and still match Apple’s M2 Ultra.

Given that it is reversed in that Intel has 8 p-cores and Apple has 16 p-cores versus the opposite for e-cores it must be in the details of how thread optimization switching work both in Intel’s i9 and Apple’s M2.

So which laptop at 3000 dollars?

Which Laptop At 3000 Dollars Matches M2 Ultra

Dell sells custom Alienware 16-inch game laptops than be customized to get the right i9 13900HX CPU and the right NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 card.

Alienware m16 Gaming Laptop